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5 Amazing Internet Surfing Tricks – Must Watch

Internet Surfing Tricks

5 surprisingly useful tricks for anyone with a heartbeat, a computer, and an internet connection.

1. You may know that pressing the space bar will scroll down one page’s length on any Web page — but did you know that pressing Shift and the space bar will scroll up in the same manner?

4) If you have accidentally close a tab….
Then use Command+ Shift + T to re-open it!

On PC, use Ctrl + Shift + T

3) Use Ctrl + Shift + N (PC) or Command + Shift +N (Mac) for private browsing on Chrome “Incognito”.
Chrome does not keep the history of the websites that you browse incognito (useful for browsing “certain” websites)

Use Ctrl + Shift + P (PC) or Command + Shift +P (Mac) for Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE) [who uses IE these days, anyway?]

Tip: Your company might still store the data :

4) Search & install BuyHatke from Google Chrome Extension…

5) Search & install Browsec on from Google Chrome Extension

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