30 Closing questions for network marketing (MLM)

30 Closing questions for network marketing (MLM)

30 Closing questions for network marketing (MLM)

Hello friends, today’s article has a topic – “30 Closing questions for network marketing (MLM)”. Four steps are used to perform network marketing – 1. Creating list and inviting prospect, 2. Showing plan, 3. Following, 4. Closing.
The purpose of this article is – How to closing in network marketing? This is very important. We will give you 30 questions. With the help of which you can join your prospect very quickly in your team. I have used these questions to add people to my team. I am presenting this question to you only after doing practical.

What is Closing in Network Marketing?

This is the last step to build a network. Meaning when you invite a prospect and show them the plan. And then follow him as well. But in the end your prospect has to be associated with his team. You will have to ask for money to add more.
But friends, in network marketing, no person ever gives money easily. And we don’t like asking for money either. So how do we closing in network marketing? Or how to add Prospect to the team?
You can use the following questions. You can ask the following question to Prospect. And can eliminate the negative things in his brain.

How to closing in network marketing?

30 Closing questions for network marketing (MLM)

Creat you strong team

Beacome a succesful man in network marketing

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You need experience to do the closing. But we will give you 30 questions. After which you will not even need experience. And you can do the closing immediately. So let’s see-
30 Closing questions of network marketing business

  1. Do you want a side job that does not affect your current job?
  2. Do you want extra income?
  3. Do you want to do a business in your home?
  4. You can also earn on Facebook, do you know?
  5. Have you ever felt that you too can do something new in the world?
  6. If you had money, would you like to join this network marketing?
  7. Have you thought about the future of your life, how will you fulfill your dreams?
  8. Do you want to reduce your current working hours?
  9. Do you want to go to your dream place?
  10. Can you spare time for the happiness of your family?
  11. Do you want to earn passive income?
  12. Have you ever thought that you can earn more than your extra time actual job?
  13. Know the art of making money without moving your hands and feet?
  14. If you have a magic wand, with the help of which you can earn millions in your free time. then what will happen?
  15. Can you create a perfect life with your work?
  16. Can you get all the happiness from your life?
  17. Are you safe with your job?
  18. Can your job earn you a lot of money?
  19. Can you continuously work for others and become a great person?
  20. Has the ability to fulfill all dreams of life? But you cannot negotiate with your dreams.
  21. Would you like to become a leader?
  22. Do you want to get respect and respect?
  23. Do you have a way with which you can earn crores of rupees with very little money? (I also have proof)
  24. You are looking at your life what you were doing in your life and what are you doing even after 20 years?
  25. Do you want to be economically independent? Want to get rid of money problem?
  26. Tell me what you want to change in your life. Because this business will fulfill all your wishes.
  27. What has your father done for you? What has your father’s father done for you? Do you also want to do for your child what your grandfather has done? Or want to become a new life? Want to build a happy life by working hard for 4 years instead of 90 years?
  28. What dreadful challenges have you faced in your life. And if you had this business, what could have been your situation at that time.
  29. Can you make a good business for your home? Which your whole family can do together.
  30. Do you want to take an invaluable decision in your life? If yes, it is a form and you have a clear path to your dreams. Which you and we together will complete.
    Will you support me in this journey? Because I have some dreams just like you. Whom I can complete with this business. And this is not possible in any other job.
    Sir, you can make payment online. And from tomorrow you can start this business.
    And thank you very much that you gave me a chance so that I can fulfill my dream. And I hope that you and we together will achieve a new success.
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Last word:
I hope you have liked this article very much. And I request you to read this article in its entirety. Because this article is very important. I have written 80% of my life experience in this article.
With the help of this article you can do instant closing in network marketing. And grow your network marketing team quickly. This question is an important part of my network marketing.
Another request is that if you like this article, then definitely share it with your team.
Thank you.