My name is Sharma. I work in MI Life Style network marketing. I have been working successfully for the last 2 years due to my support. However, my position in the beginning was not correct. And there was negative thinking in the family for network marketing. So I also had to struggle.
But I got full support of my uplines. And today I am doing network marketing successfully. And my family is also with me.
I hope you also want to do network marketing. If yes, then it is very important to prepare yourself intellectually. And you have to be completely positive in this business.
Because the whole world is thinking negatively about this business. And this environment also tries its best to make us negative. But if you manage yourself, you will be 100% successful. But never give up.
I, too, gave up twice in my life. But due to the uplines, I was able to stand again, and I used to follow a website like yours. Which used to give me hope. Therefore, you also need to follow someone. Which can give you correct information and direction.
I will keep bringing my stories and experiences in front of you in the same way. And I hope that you will help me in fulfilling my purpose.
My aim is that I want to end the negative talk of network marketing from all over the world. Will you play me If yes, share this website with your Team and make your Team stronger?
I and I will always be with you. Thank you for reading me.