Advantages and Disadvantages of Oriflame Business - Complete Review

Advantages and Disadvantages of Oriflame Business

In this article, we will read in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of Oriflame Business, and also know whether to become an Oriflame consultant or not? We will give you the answer of all these things here, but for this you have to read this article carefully.

So let us now move towards our article.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Oriflame Business

Advantages and Disadvantages of Oriflame Business - Complete Review
Advantages and Disadvantages of Oriflame Business – Complete Review

Today you must know this thing that everything (business or idea etc.) has two sides, that is, profit and loss. And in this article we will tell about both the aspects of Oriflame.

Apart from this, here you will also be given a complete review of the Oriflame mlm company and a question will also be answered.

Advantages of Oriflame

You must have known that this is a direct seller company, so let us now see all the points of its advantages.

A trusted direct selling company

Oriflame is a network marketing and direct selling company based in Switzerland, which is spread in 60 countries along with India.

This company has become famous globally at present. Oriflame is not just an MLM – Network marketing company, but it now also manufactures cosmetic products and Personal care products.

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Oriflame is a legitimate company and has been recognized in India also under MCA after registration (1994). Right now, it is a founder member of the Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA).

After all these things, oriflame can be trusted.

Product quality

We see in most of the market that MLM companies first make plans and then make products with low manufacturing cost and high profit according to their plan, but Oriflame is different from these companies.

This company first launched the products with the best results in the market. Most of its products are women’s beaut and personal care related products.

If you look at some things in this, then the price range of all the products of the company is fixed till date. And this is the reason why this company is different from others.

Good income opportunity

Oriflame manufactures most of the cosmetic products and at the same time all of them are excellent in quality. So you can earn good money by selling these products.

You must know that MLM is the biggest industry in the world, in which a person of every level can earn the biggest income. Here Oriflame is also an MLM or network marketing company, in which we have to add people, and we will get some percentage commission for whatever work they do.

You can make this team by mixing millions of people, and you can earn a million dollars, although this work requires a lot of hard work.

Many people come to this market and leave very soon, because it is not an easy task at all. For this, you need skills like passion to work hard, marketing ideas, presentation and communication. You can also make these skills by working hard.

Other benefits of the company

As I told you that, this company is a trustworthy company, and it will never be closed. Apart from this, in this company, you will always get income from down-line regularly.

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There is no need to pay any registration fee to join this company, but here you will have to buy and buy regular products.

In this industry, you can earn infinite money on the basis of your hard work.

This company follows direct selling guidelines like other companies.

In this, you are given a good facility that you can return the unused products within the given time period.

Disadvantages of Oriflame

Now we will know about the disadvantages of this MLM Company, because before choosing any good company it is necessary to know both its aspects.

Expensive products

The biggest problem in India is on the price of the products that means their products are good in quality, but their price is very high. At this price tag, Indians is not able to buy these products.

India is a developing country, in which most of the people are middle and lower class people, and it is not possible to use the expensive products of Oriflame regularly.

This market is possible in urban areas of India, but trading of these products is not possible at all in villages and small towns.

Oriflame’s products are not only expensive in India, but if you look at other MLM company, and then the price of these products is more than them products.

Being an expensive product, oriflame is not the right choice for Indians.

Competitors in India Country

In today’s time, everyone wants to earn money, and the best way for this is only MLM. If we talk about the country of India, then India has also become aware and at the same time many famous companies are present in India, such as Vestige, Modicare, Ok Life Care, Keva and IMC etc.

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Oriflame has most of the products related to cosmetic and personal care, but there are some companies in India who have different categories of products.

The products of the company of India also give good price range with good quality.

If we talk about the cosmetic category in India, then there are many Indian companies in the cosmetic field, such as Lekme, Himalaya, VLCC, Loreal and P&G etc.

All these companies sell retail price products, but Oriflame will first have to face these companies, which are most famous in India.

Overall, based on the products of Oriflame, this company is not quite right in India.

Limited product range

All Oriflame products come in a limited price range, and this is oriflame’s strength as well as its drawback.

Apart from this, all its products are focused on women, while India is a male-dominated nation. Hence, only limited trading can be done with Oriflame.

Low success rate

If you join this company then you will face many problems.

According to a report, the success rate of Oriflame in India is only 0.05%, which means that only 4 people can be successful in 10,000 people in India.

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Now we will have a question from you that should join with Oriflame company or not? So the answer is no, because the price of its products is very high and at the same time its success rate is also very low.

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