Common questions and answers of network marketing

Common questions and answers of network marketing

Common questions and answers of MLM in 2021

Hello Friends, The topic of today’s article is- “Common questions and answers of MLM in 2021 & network marketing“. network marketing is a trap. Where a lot of questions are found in the web. And most people are defeated by being trapped in the trap. But people who solve these questions. They become successful in this business.
It is true that if you join Network Marketing (MLM), you will get a lot of questions. And every question makes you negative. Therefore, it is very important to find answers to these questions. Although these questions and answers are almost the common in MLM.

Therefore, you should follow one successful person. This is very important. Our team has followed a successful network marketer. And on this basis we have got some Common questions and answers of MLM in 2021. The answers of which are the following.

Common questions and answers of network marketing (MLM) in 2021

Joining of the company is expensive or its products are of no use to me.

Answer: Direct selling companies have a limit to purchase products from about 5000 to 10,000 rupees. But many people consider it expensive. Although the products are not expensive, our dreams become cheap. Our thinking is limited to small dreams. We do not try to do something big and different.
Otherwise, at the time of illness, we arrange for money immediately. Because the need is large. Similarly, network business can become the goal of your life.

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How do I join another man?

Answer: This question is asked the most. And this problem comes to everyone. So you speak to them – you are absolutely right because it is not easy to add. But .. do you have the following question.
Excess income, financial freedom, free use of free time, own business, freedom of time, extra money, becoming a network of new people, moving to a new place, decorating your dreams, developing personality, fulfilling your family’s dreams, etc. .
It is a requirement of all people. If you want to achieve the above things, then you should do network marketing. In this way, you can give a positive answer to your question.

When inviting a prospect or in normal conversation, the logo is called a scheme to fool our company. So what do i do?

Answer: Friends, first of all you should collect your company’s legal document and your offline check. And the results of your products should also be collected. Which tells your company right.
Through these documents, you can call your company right. Also you have to ask a question why do you think this company is wrong?
The answers of the people are based on the above document only. And you can easily answer them. However, the people have no reason. But still they call the scheme to fool the company. In such a situation, you asked them the above questions.
To make the answer more good, you should follow a successful man. And follow your upline.

What is the guarantee that every person of multi level marketing will succeed?

Answer: Sir, no man can guarantee his success. Because we all know that a person who works hard can be successful. Meaning you have to prepare for success. And it is very important to be positive for success.
And network marketing is the perfect business for all. Because this is all that is needed.

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How can we do network marketing (MLM) with regular work?

Answer: In today’s time, social media is the friend of all. Through which you can easily stay connected with your team. And you can easily run this business by giving 2 hours in the evening. After some time you can increase the time of network marketing (MLM) according to your circumstances.
But keep network marketing (MLM) in your mind at all times.

If my nature is not according to this business, can I do business?

Answer: This business can be done by everyone. Because till date we have been doing this work for years without any money. Means to buy products, use them and promote them when you like them. This work has become our habit.
By coming into network marketing (MLM), we can also earn from these works. So it is easy for everyone. Apart from this, we do not ask for any degree in this business.

Can the company not add for free?

Answer: Yes, the company can also add for free. But till date no person has given respect to the free thing. In such a system, thousands of people could come in network marketing (MLM). But all the people remain inactive.
Eventually, the network marketing (MLM) system could also spread. Therefore all companies give products in a fixed amount of wholesale rate on each joining.

I am afraid that joining SLS will spoil my relationship?

Answer: Yes, it is true. This has happened to many people. And sometimes there can be a fight. But when the results were seen, the whole family was with them some time later. Apart from this, new relationships of that person were also formed.
All your relatives will refuse you for this business. But there are many examples who have done network marketing (MLM) against their family. And today he is successful. And his decision is also immortal.

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Can I succeed in a short time?

Answer: Another name for success is hard work. There should be some questions in your life for success. like-

  • Can i make my dreams come true?
  • Is there anything I can do for my family?
  • Do I have time for freedom?
  • Can I be stress free by being my own boss?
  • Can I earn passive income? etc.

If these questions remain in your mind, then you can work hard and achieve success in a short time.



I hope that this article “Common questions and answers of MLM in 2021 & network marketing” may have been beneficial for you.
Our team will bring more such network marketing (MLM) related questions and answers for you. If the article is liked, then definitely share it in your team. Because it gives us the result of our hard work.
Thank you very much for reading the article.