Full information Atomy Company | profile, Plan and Products review

Full information Atomy Company | profile, Plan and Products review

Today we will talk about such a network marketing or MLM company, which has become famous in many other countries for the last few years. The name of the company that gives such a great business plan is Atomy. This is a company that was not even launched in India, but thousands were already ready to join this company. With this, you must have understood that the company is tremendous, that’s why we are writing this article, in which we will get complete information about Atomy Company, such as company’s profile, business plan, products review and background etc.

What is Atomy Company and what is its profile

Full information Atomy Company | profile, Plan and Products review
Full information Atomy Company | profile, Plan and Products review

This MLM Company was started by a person named Han-Gil Park, and this company is a joint venture of Kolmar and KAERI (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute). Kolmar, South Korea is the country’s largest cosmetics manufacturer, which manufactures cosmetic goods for the largest companies all over the world.

The Atomy Company was initially limited to South Korea only, but after some time it expanded to a large extent in the Western and Asian regions. In today’s time, big companies of other countries also work with this company, such as- India, USA, Japan, China, Canada, Singapore, Philippines and Thailand etc.

Atomy Company in India

Atomy Company is not yet fully in India, and the company is not yet in the list of Legal Direct Selling Companies of India.

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Despite the lack of company genuine in India, people are joining it.

Atomy Marketing Business Plan

As I have told you that this is also an MLM (Multi-level Marketing) company, which gives a lot of profits.

After joining this company, you have to do mainly two things, 1. Try to sell more and more products of the company and 2. Build a strong team of your own.

Atomy’s business plan is also based on binary plan like other network marketing companies.

Atomy Compensation plan

According to this company, you are given PV (point value) on purchasing the products and on the basis of these PV you are given money. In the plan, you have to understand the matching terms and distribution of PV very well.

After registering in Atomy, you need to buy at least 10,000 PV products, and then you can start earning money. Here you will have to buy goods from about 15000 to 20000 rupees for 10,000 PV.

Keep in mind that they each get a certain Point values, and the point value (PV) of each product is different. Here too, you have to achieve level after level and become your team.

Membership rank

In this rank position, you get levels based on your own and down-line’s PV, and these levels will be found in the following order.

  1. Sales Representative
  2. Agent
  3. Special Agent
  4. Dealer

Exclusive Distributor (E.D)

The day you have created 10,000 point of value in your account, then you will get the first level of the plan, Sales Representative, and after that you have to prepare to take the next level. Keep in mind that each level has different conditions.

General Commission

To get your first earning even after attaining the sales representative level, you have to create different 3 lakh Point Values ​​in your down-line which means $24 and $24 means around 1700 Rupees.

If you make your own 3 lakh PV according to the plan, then with this you also get 3-3 lakh PV in both your down-lines, and then you earn $70, and with this you will also get 15 points. Huh.

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Another thing to note is that your own Point values ​​are of cumulative type, which means that your own PV will always increase, while the PV of your down-line may be at zero.

Master Bonus

You get this bonus every week. According to the plan, all point values ​​from 1 to 15 and 16 to 30 are collected every month, but for this you have to become a special agent (level). Special Agent means that you have to make more than 25-25 lakh PV in both your down-lines.

There are two types of Master bonus, Sales Master and Imperial Master. Keep in mind that it can take years to receive this bonus.

Atomy Company’s Products

The biggest reason for choosing any company is its products, because that is what makes you successful in network marketing. Each product offers different benefits in different countries, and their importance is also different.

If we talk about the country of India, then along with the quality, the price of the products is also seen here. In our country, it is very important for the price of the product to be affordable.

This Atomy company will have products for health care, personal care, skill care, fashion and food. Due to the very good quality of these products, this company became famous in India even before reaching India. And people were already ready to join this company.

You can see Atomy product price list (link) from here, although its products are a bit expensive. Here the prices of the products are as follows – 8 toothbrushes cost Rs 450, which means a brush is 55 rupees, whereas India has more common people who use a brush of 20 to 25 rupees.

Due to this double price, this company will hardly be able to do direct selling business well in India. If we look at its success rate, then its success rate is only 0.04%.

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Frankly asked questions

What are the fees to join Atomy Business?

There is no joining fee, but you have to buy minimum products to earn.

How to join Atomy Business?

To join this company, you have to search for a person who is already associated with this company. You can find this man on Google and on social media, but keep in mind that you share your bank account and other information with him only after meeting him.

What is the minimum number of products to be purchased in Atomy?

You have to buy at least 1500 to 2000 (10,000 PV) items to get the first earning, and for the best income you have to buy based on 3 lakh PV.

Need to buy here every month?

No, there are no restrictions here, but it is very important to take it once.

Should I join Atomy business or not?

It is up to you whether you want to join Atomy or not, because there are better companies in India, and also it is very important to have skills.

Before associating with Atomy, it must be kept in mind that it will be a bit difficult to sell their expensive products in India and its success rate in India is only 0.04%. Apart from this, the company is not registered in India.


It is expected that you must have got all the information related to Atomy company here.

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