Full Information of Keva Company, Business Plan and Products

Full Information of Keva Company, Business Plan and Products

Today we will discuss in detail about Keva industries and Keva Network marketing, and know what are its business plans, products and profiles? Avon’s company was followed by many network marketing companies in India, one of which is Keva Industries. The process of MLM business started in 2000, and today it is growing very fast. Still, India needs a company that can provide attractive and quality products to the citizens of the country and can make a positive impact of direct selling.

In this article, we will learn about Keva Company, although this company is included in the list of MLM companies, but this company is not much spread, that means it does not have a big network.

What is Keva Industries

Full Information of Keva Company, Business Plan and Products
Full Information of Keva Company, Business Plan and Products

Keva Industries is also an Indian company, which was started in 2009. The founder of this company is Karan Goyal and its head office is in Ludhiana, where it was first started.

Almost all the products of this company are based on direct selling business, and most of its products are based on nutrition and health care.

Worth noting- As I told you that almost all its products are related to health and nutrition, but they cannot be used without doctor’s advice. This thing has been told by Keva itself in a PPT of its official website, so the direct seller of Keva should not make any mistake of selling them.

Keva Business Plan in Detail information

Like other network marketing companies, this company also provides you mainly two ways of earning, Product selling (Retail profit) and Recruitment (active income).

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Product selling (Retail profit)

This is the easiest way of direct selling, in which you get the company’s products at the distributor price, and you can sell these products on MRP. And the difference between this DP and MRP is called Retail profit.

On this retail profit, you get BP (Business Point), on the basis of which you also get active income.

Recruitment (active income)

In the second part of the plan, recruitment, you have to create a team of your own, which gives you a passive income. If you build an active team, then you will always get passive income going forward.

That’s why you have to add active people to your team, and with this you also have to be active always. Apart from this, you have to spread your knowledge further. Here also, the recruitment plan is of binary type.

Keva Network Marketing Products

The basis of every network marketing company or MLM company is the products, through which the company spreads further. If the company’s products are not good, then the company will not be able to run and at the same time you will not be able to reach your success.

I told you at the very beginning of the article that all its products are related to health and personal care, but I also told you that it should not be sold without doctor’s advice.

You can get the list of these products from the link given below.

There have been many side effects of the products of the well-known health care company Herbalife, and hence Keva also asks to sell all its products on the advice of the doctor.

To join this company, you have to buy product packages and these product packages are available for Rs 2999 and Rs 4999.

Like other companies, this company also gives you the freedom to return the products within 30 days.

Keva network marketing company plan

Now we will understand the business plan of this Direct Selling (Network Marketing Company) company, but before that let us know how to join this company?

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To join the company, you get the option of two product packages, out of which one product package has to be selected. These two product packages are available for Rs 2999 and Rs 4999, out of which if you buy a product package of Rs 2999, you get 300 per pair income, while if you buy a product package of Rs 4999, you get Rs 500 per pair income.

In this way you can join the company, and keep in mind that you will have to buy this package only once, otherwise you will not get the first income.

To get income here too, you have to collect BP, which you get separately on each product. Click on the button below to view the BP of each product.

A total of 8 types of income sources are available in Keva’s business plan, through which you can get good income.

Pain Income

In the plan, first we will try to understand pair income, according to which you will be given income if you become a 1:2 or 2:1 payer in your online.

On making such pair, 300 or 500 rupees will be given for each pair, depending on the product package. For Pair Income, you have to advance your team like this in 1:2 or 2:1.

Leadership Bonus

You start getting this income after you have a certain number of payers, and you keep getting this income for 6 months separately to different level of distributor.

To get this bonus, you need to make at least 250 pairs. If 500 people are equally connected in both your down-lines, then you will get a bonus of Rs 1250, and if you add 500 pairs i.e. 1000-1000 people equally in both the downline then you will get Rs 2250.

Keep in mind that you will get this bonus for 6 months, and after that you will get this bonus again as soon as you reach a new level.

Foreign Bonus

If you make 100 pairs in 100 days after joining, then you get special travel, although this bonus is very difficult to get.

Special lifetime bonus

Keva gives you special rewards for achieving certain SR points.

Retail profit

Keva gives you up to 100% retail profit, which means if you buy any one product from here, then one product is given to it for free.

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Team performance

You get this income based on the performance of your team, meaning the more BP you sell, the more you will get income. Here for 1 BP you will get 1 rupee.

On the other hand, there is also a self-bonus, in which you buy the products yourself, but here you are given some percentage profit of the total BP earned by you. And the team bonus can be calculated by the following formula:

Team Bonus = Your Profit Level – Your Downline’s Profit Level

Royalty and Club Bonus income

To get this income, you have to complete 10,000 BP in one of your downline or 10,000 BP in all downline. If you reach this level, then you will be given a profit of 8 percent of the total turnover of the company.

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Here we have given complete information about Keva industries business plan. Now a question comes that whether Keva should be associated with MLM company or not?

Yes, you can join, but before that you should keep the following points in mind.

1. Keva’s business plan is absolutely good, and right too.

2. The price of its products is also not very high, suitable for Indian citizens.

3. There are doubts about its products, and using these products can lead to side effects.

4. The packing of their products is also not very good, so it can be difficult to sell it in the market.

Hopefully, after reading these points, you will choose the right company.

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