Full information of OK Like Care business and plan

Full information of OK Like Care business and plan

Today we will talk about a Indian MLM company, whose name is “Ok Life Care”. Its company was started in November 2016. Today during this article we’ll study the profile of Ok life Care Company and at an equivalent time we’ll also know why these companies are considered because the opponent of Vestige?

About Ok Life Care Company

Full information of OK Like Care business and plan
Full information of OK Like Care business and plan

Ok Life Care Private Limited Company was established in November 2016, whose Chairman Jogender Singh, MD Sarita Karwasra and D.K. It’s Saharan. It is an MLM company, which was registered under MCA in Delhi and its head-office is in Rohtak, Haryana.

This Indian company is one of the legal direct selling companies of India, whose plan is recognized by India.

This company has a total of 130 products, which include products related to health care, personal care and home care.

Ok Life Care Business Plan

As I told you that this is an MLM company, which is recognized by the Government of India. There is no need of any kind of fee to join with this company. The people associated with it are called direct sellers or distributors.

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After joining this company, you will have to do two things, with the help of which you can start making money.

Products Purchase and sale

After joining any company, the first option before us is that we earn money by selling the company’s products, and this is called retail profit.

To sell the company’s products, the company will give you all those products at Distributor price, and you can sell it at MRP (Maximum Retail Price) or less.

BV is counted in the plan of Ok Life Care. Here to get your first income and to join the company, you need to buy 500 BV, i.e. 1000 to 1500 products on an average.

Multi level marketing (team work)

After joining the company, you can create a big team of your own, it is called Recruitment. Here is, the person who added you will be your up-line and on the other hand, if you add any other people, they will be your down-line.

Another important thing is that now adding people to your team will not get anything. If you want to earn money, then you have to sell products through your down-line, only then you will have income as well as your down-line income.

In this business, you have to work hard and build a strong and active team, which works continuously. If you create such a team, then you will start getting passive income.

Keep in mind that you do not have to stop here at all, because the team whose leader stops, its team gradually ends itself, so you have to always stay connected with your downline.

Here also you will get to see binary plans like other direct selling companies.

OK life care business plan

Now we will see the business plan of OK life Care MLM company and know how we can earn money from here?

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Here too, like other MLM companies, your business will be counted in BV, meaning you will get money on the basis of BV.

BV (Business Value)

Before understanding the plan, we will know about the business value, what is it?

This is the unit of the plan of MLM companies, on the basis of which the income is calculated, although this BV varies from company to company.

Here, 1 BV means an average of 2 to 3 rupees. This means that if you buy products from here for 200 to 300 rupees, then you get 100 BV and on the basis of this BV you will get money.

Types of income

We can generate 7 types of income from OK life Care Company, which are as follows-

  1. Retail Profit
  2. Active Bonus Profit
  3. Consistency Bonus
  4. Super Active Bonus
  5. Care Fund Offer
  6. House Fund Offer
  7. Flagship Bonus

Retail Profit

The first income source of any direct selling company is the retail profit, which means that you will get the company’s products at the distributor price, and you can sell them at the retail price (MRP).

Retail income can be calculated by the following formula.

Retail Profit= MRP – DP

Active Bonus

After retail income comes active income, which is known by different terms in different companies. This is counted in the income from your downline, meaning you get 30% of the BV collected by both your downline. Let us try to understand it in some detail.

As soon as you join the company, then you get a user ID and password. Now you are a distributor of the company, and you can add people below you. After this you will add other people to your bottom two lines A and B and in the same way you have to make two downline.

In both these downline, one has to try his best to keep the level of BV equal and keep growing the team.

Now let’s see how to get income?

If you collect 2500 BV in both your downline, then you get 1 ABP (active business point) and 5000 BV get 2 ABP.

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Now the company combines the sales of BV of you and your downline every month, and takes out 30% of it. This 30% BV is converted into money and this money is distributed among the ABP holders.

OK Life Care Plan PDF

You will get the PDF of this company from the button given below.

OK life Care Products details

A total of 130 products are sold here, which includes personal care, health care, wellness and grocery. The packaging of all the products of the company is also excellent. Apart from this, here you will get products at affordable prices.

Vestige VS Ok LIfe Care

Now, if we talk about the comparison of both in brief, there is a great competition going on in both. Both are trying their best to get ahead of each other, and in this effort they also do evil to each other.

In today’s time, a lot of rumours have spread about both the companies, but both the companies are genuine, so you can join anyone as per your convenience.

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We have shared all the information of Ok Life Care Company here with you and will continue to bring such great information in future also.

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