How to create list for network marketing or direct selling business?

How to create list for network marketing or direct selling business?

create list for network marketing or direct selling business

Hello Friends, The topic of today’s article is – “How to create list for network marketing or direct selling business?”. If you are associated with a network marketing company. So your first task is to create a list for network marketing.
This is a very essential stage in network marketing business. There are many benefits to creating an MLM list. This is the first phase of being successful in direct selling business.

Benefits of making a list for network marketing or direct selling business

Listing is an art. And it is a part of the network marketing system.
• Listing increases the number of people you have. Otherwise we face the problem of having fewer people.
• In the list, we organize the people according to the plan. This makes our work much easier.
• If we select the prospect through the list. So we get more knowledge. And the results of our success increase.
• The list should be continuously increased. And keep a fix diary for the list.
• Through these lists, you can keep more information about your prospect. Because to build a network it is important to know the prospect.
• You can share your work through the list. And you can use your time well.
• Can quickly increase the team by creating a list for network marketing.
• Your working speed increases. And because of the list, you get to know new people.
• You have to keep complete information of the prospect in the list. And try to build a relationship with all your prospects. Such as- Family relationship, official relation, friendly relation, cast relation, thinking relation, study relation, knowledge relation, remembers relation etc.
• Add all types of people to the list and show them the plan based on their business. This increases your chances of success.
• The art of speaking improves.
I hope that you have understood the benefits of making the list. Trust me, if you do network marketing by making a list, then you will succeed quicker than others. You will have a good team. And there will be more people who recognize you.

How to create list for network marketing

How to create list for network marketing or direct selling business?

Now we come to our main question. That how to create list for network marketing or direct selling business?
It is a fact that 70 to 80% of the people in this business do not make the list. But when our team did the survey. So we came to know that people who used to make a list for this network marketing or direct selling business. He is living a successful life in a short time today.
The popularity of those people is also higher than others. Along with this, they also have people of all types (small, large, medium etc.). Who can help them. And his speaking art is also very good.

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The list for network marketing is made in three ways.

Hot List

This list includes those people who are very proud of you. Like – all your friends, all the relatives, and your wonderful neighbors etc.
If you are new to network marketing business, then first you should make a hot list. It has the following advantages:
• These types of people trust you more.
• These people will try to understand you more. And will not hesitate to give you money.
• Can easily come on your invitation.
• With these people, you can create a strong team.
The host list also has a huge negative impact. Because in today’s time everybody misunderstands network marketing. However, after 2016, all the companies in network marketing are being formed as per the government guidelines.
Although our elders have negativity. So they just convince us to do this business. So my way is that you create a Warm list before the host list. And make an initial plan with your upline.
If you work according to the host list, then you will probably get 90% answer in ‘No’. But Friends, in today’s time all network marketing companies are covered under the guidelines of the government. So, before joining the company, you should have a good look at their legitimate documents and products.
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Warm list

In this type of list, include those people with whom you are mostly unable to communicate. Such as, readers with you, distant relatives, neighbors, office workers etc.

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Cold list

You can add those people to this list. Whom you have met once in your life. That means you have very little relationship with them. Like- friends on social media or friends of your brother etc.

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Last word:
I hope that this article must have been very beneficial for you. And to grow rapidly in network marketing, you must also make a list.
If you have any other question, you can ask in the comment box. Thank you for reading the article.