What is direct selling business | direct selling vs network marketing

What is direct selling business | direct selling vs network marketing

What is direct selling business?

Hello Friends, Today’s article has a topic- “What is Direct selling business?” And direct selling vs network marketing ”. This article is very beneficial for you. Because in this article complete information about direct selling is given. And you will also get the answers to all the questions related to direct selling.
Like- what is direct selling business ?, what is direct selling business guideline ?, what is the future of direct selling business?, how many types of direct selling? Why is direct selling business important? What are the advantages and disadvantages of direct selling business? What is the difference between direct selling and network marketing? What is the future of direct selling? etc.
I hope that after reading this article completely, you will get the answers to all your questions.

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What is direct selling?

Direct selling business literally means delivering the company’s products directly to the customer. It is an advanced form of the traditional market. Because direct selling gives us a business.
In traditional marketing, the company’s products used to go to middlemen. Due to these intermediaries, the price of the products increases manifold. And finally we find the products expensive. These middlemen can be:
Manufacturer, distributor, stoker, delivery man, wholesaler, retailer etc. But in direct selling business, the company’s products reach the customer directly at a lower price. This company saves advertising money and distributes the distributors’ chains. Therefore, this system has become most popular.

Direct selling type:

  1. Single selling– In this, the company gives its products directly to the distributor. And they earn on MRP.
  2. Party selling– In this, products are promoted in a house or office party to sell the products. And the products are sold.
  3. MLM– It is also called Network Marketing. Because in this marketing a series of distributors are made. And many times more money is earned. In this market, you get some percentage profit of your chain.

You can do direct selling as follows-

  • one to one selling
  • door to door selling
  • home meeting sales
  • Online selling
  • Venue Sales
  • MLM or network marketing

Direct selling guideline

There was a lot of fraud in India before 2017. When the country recognized the importance of direct selling business, the government has prepared guidelines for all direct selling companies. So that no company can fraud with you.
However, due to the pyramid scheme and the Ponzi scheme, the network marketing has deteriorated. But now all direct selling and network marketing companies are under the government.
You can read the guidelines for direct selling by clicking on the link.
Why is network marketing bad?

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What is the difference between direct selling and network marketing?

What is direct selling business | direct selling vs network marketing

In direct selling, the company sends its products directly to the customer. And customers sell products through network marketing. Apart from this, they also do single selling.
It means both network marketing or MLM is the direct selling type. But direct selling is not network marketing. In network marketing, you promote products by creating a network of many people. And in direct selling, the company’s products are sold one by one.

Direct selling vs network marketing

Advantages and disadvantages of direct selling

95% of direct selling can be considered advantages and 5% of direct selling may have disadvantages. However in my experience direct selling is 100% profitable. However, there may be disadvantages of direct selling, if we do not work hard.

Advantages of direct selling:

  1. It is a good source of earning extra income.
  2. Value can be respected.
  3. This business gives us financial freedom.
  4. With this business you can secure the future of your family.
  5. You can be your own boss.
  6. You can fulfill your and your family’s dreams.
  7. One can also get the benefits of foreign trips.
  8. You can change your behavior and make a good network.
  9. You can develop your personality.
  10. You can also give full time to the family.
  11. You can also earn passive income. etc.

direct selling losses

However there is no disadvantage of direct selling. But direct selling can be wrong due to our mistake. like-

  1. Joining an incorrect company.
  2. To sell the company’s bad products.
  3. Getting stuck in schemes such as pyramids or ponzes.
  4. Feeling yourself weak.
  5. Negative effect of less hard work in direct selling
  6. Due to negative thinking of external environment etc.
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Network marketing

Create your new and successful life with network marketing

9 rules for successful direct selling

  1. Utilizing time and becoming punctual
  2. Understand Yourself Stronger and Better
  3. Listen first, understand and then say
  4. Do not wait for time
  5. Learn to praise others
  6. Keep your mind always positive
  7. Keep yourself calm and use discretion in all situations
  8. Always keep learning
  9. Exercise daily.

What is the importance of IDSA and FDASA in direct selling?

IDAS- Indian direct selling association
FDSA- Federation of Direct Selling Association
Many companies tell their company to be big and good based on the above certificate. However, it is not necessary to have these certificates. Because this certificate is done only for marketing. And some companies have made it together.
Direct selling does not require membership of IDASA, FDSA or any other DSA (direct selling association). But if the company follows the government guidelines. So that company is a right company.
Click on the link for the government guidelines.


Why is direct selling business bad?
How can you succeed in direct selling business?

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