What is network marketing (MLM)? Full tutorial

What is network marketing (MLM)? Full tutorial

What is network marketing (MLM)?

Hello Friends, The title of today’s article is “What is Network marketing (MLM)?” Or what is direct selling? ” In today’s time, a lot of people are doing network marketing (MLM). Many people fail in this market, then some people are successful. This sentence applies to Indian people.
Because we think negative for network marketing (MLM) or direct selling. While many companies of the world have been successful only through network marketing (MLM). And starting with less money, people are also becoming successful.
Network marketing (MLM) also has many advantages. One is this way, with the help of which we can build our business. There is no risk of any kind in it.

What is direct selling?

Through direct selling, the company delivers its products directly to the customer. And this saves 35 or 40% of the money in the traditional chain. This money is given to the person doing direct selling. Apart from this, customers get products for less money.
Two important tasks are done in direct selling. 1. Buying a direct product from the company. 2. Sharing with others, if the products look good. These two works lead to direct selling.
Network marketing is the advanced form of direct selling. In network marketing, we create networks. And promotes the products.
In direct selling, the company does not spend frivolously on advertising, rather it pays us money. And we advertise that product through Mouth Power.

What is network marketing (MLM)?

network marketing (MLM) means building your network. In this business, we create our own network and promote our company’s products. Network marketing companies connect us with themselves and we connect other people with us. This is network marketing.

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There are two types of markets.

  1. Traditional marketing
    This market has been going on for the last several years and is still going on today. The principal of this market was that the company’s products reach the customer through agents, stock, wholesaler, distributor, retailer etc. And in this, 35 to 50% money of the product is given to the middlemen above. In the end, the price of the product is very high. Apart from this, 15% is also spent for advertising.
  2. Network marketing (MLM)
    It is an advanced form of the traditional market. In network marketing, the company sends its products directly to the customer. And 40 to 50% of the middlemen and advertising money is given to the network marketer. And in this way the customer also earns extra income.
    In network marketing, a person can increase his income manifold by creating a network. And can become their own boss. There is no risk of any kind in it.

History of Network marketing (MLM)

Network marketing, which is the future of the world, was started in 1930 by the great American chemist “Carl Rehnborg“. He created the first network marketing company called “Vitamin Company” in California. The basis of which was health supplement. He successfully ran this company. And renamed it “Nutralite” in 1939. Which is the fastest growing business in the world.

Network marketing in India

This industry, like other industrialists in India, came much later. That means it started in 1995. India has always been behind in adopting such right things. And even today there are many wrong thoughts in our mind related to this market.
But seeing its benefits, the Government of India is promoting this industry. And from 12 September 2016, government guidelines are also being prepared. Network marketing or direct selling will be the future of all companies (625 billion) in 2015, according to a report by FICCI and KPMG, an Indian organization.

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Benefits of network marketing (MLM)

What is network marketing (MLM)? Full tutorial
  1. Time Management: With this market, we can organize the time of our life. And can give life a goal. This is the only market that gives us the freedom of time.
  2. Positive Thinking: Network marketing (MLM) changes our thinking. And we teach the rules of the world.
  3. Extra income: We can do this job for extra income along with our job. And you can increase your earnings manifold.
  4. Personal Growth: In this market we meet thousands of people. And can get their valuable information in life. And by staying with good people, you can develop your personality.
  5. Communication Skill: Network marketing (MLM) makes our ideas effective. And our thinking gets advanced.
  6. People Skill: It is the business of the people. That is, the views of the people are exchanged. And we can teach the art of making good friends.
  7. Passive income: This is the biggest advantage of multi-level marketing (MLM). Through this market, we get Passive income through our team.
  8. Help to Other: Multi-level marketing gives a sense of helping others. Because only one can succeed in this market which makes others successful.
  9. Financial Freedom: Through this industry, individuals can achieve financial freedom through hard work in 4 to 5 years. And you can increase the earnings manifold.
  10. Fame: This market gives us respect and respect.
  11. Presentation skill: By this we can increase the presentation skill.
  12. Risk Free Business: There is no risk in this business. You will get total benefit from this. Even if you get spread in it.
  13. There is no time limit.
  14. We get unlimited scope for doing this business.
  15. Here we get freedom of age.
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It has many more advantages. So, if you want to do network marketing (MLM) or direct selling then this is the best idea. Because the Government of India is also promoting it. Click on the link for the best network marketing (MLM) company.

I hope that this article must have been very beneficial for you. If you have, what is network marketing? Or what is direct selling? Or any question related to multi level marketing, comments can be asked in the box.
Thank you for reading the article.

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