Which MLM company is good in modicare vs vestige in 2021?

Which MLM company is good in Modicare vs Vestige in 2021?

Modicare vs vestige in 2021 network marketing company

Hello Friends, Today’s article has a topic- “Which network marketing company is good in modicare vs vestige in 2021?” If you want to do network marketing or direct selling business, then you have to choose a right company.
In today’s time, many network marketing companies are available in front of us. But which company is more successful and profitable? This is a big problem. Although we have a detailed article on this question as well. You can access the article through the link given below.
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Sir, we cannot call any company wrong. But our team will show before you the benefits and losses of both companies. With the help of this article, you can choose a good network marketing company.

Comparison in Modicare vs vestige in 2021

We will show before you the important points of both the companies. The final decision will be that you want to join a company.

In short, what is direct selling?

It is an advanced form of traditional market. In the past, the company gives its products to middlemen. These middlemen consume 40 to 60% of the money. That item reaches us through his retailer.
But in direct selling business, the company’s products reach us directly. And 40 to 60% of the money comes to us. This money reaches us through direct selling jobs. Therefore, this business is the best and beneficial.
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Which MLM company is good in modicare vs vestige in 2021?

What is Vestige Network Marketing Company?

Vestige Private Limited Company is a direct selling company. Which delivers its products directly to the customer. The company started in India in 2004. And today slowly it is spread all over India. This company is very good and reliable.
The products of this company are based on wellness. That is, related to health. And is famous all over the world due to its products.
vestige network marketing company complies with FDA regulations. And this company came in 2008 with a Health Food and Dietary Supplement Association. The company also holds ISO 9001: 2008 certificate.

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What is Modicare Network Marketing (MLM) Company?

It is a multilevel network marketing and direct selling company. This company was started in 1996. This company benefits both the customer and the network marketer.
Meaning you can earn money by becoming a customer from here as well. Apart from this, you can also earn good money by creating a network. And this company also gives you a gift.
This company manufactures domestic products. That means ModiCare products are always in demand. And because of this, this company is also popular in India.
You can contact your branch office to connect with vestige network marketing company. And can register with the free form. This company has a plan enhancement type. Thus, all distributors are given the same benefits. You can also get bonuses by working hard on it.
This company has an office in New Delhi. And their official website is – www.modicare.com

Vestige Network Marketing Company Products

The main target of this company’s products is on health. Its products is very useful for body care. Apart from this, it also manufactures products related to agriculture and water purifiers and air purifiers.
More than 2000 people of this company earn Rs 1 lakh – 48 lakhs monthly. This company has been serving the direct selling business continuously for 17 years.
The company has a total of 3500 franchisees with 650 offices. And there is also huge space for manufacturing and storage. The growth rate of Vestid is also going fast. Its products are certified by USFDA, JHFA, HDSA. It also works internationally.
The Vestige company also manufactures 100% Ayurvedic products. And their results are also very good.
Product categories
• Personal Care
• Wellness or health care
• home care
• Health food
• Agricultural products etc.
Note: Price List of Vestige Products in 2021

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ModiCare Company Products

The target of this company’s product is home care and food. Although this company makes a lot of products. Therefore this company is a multipurpose company.
Company products categories
• Wellness
• Skin Care
• home care
• Food
• Personal care and jeweler etc.
Note: Price list of ModiCare product.

vestige network marketing company plan

It is very easy to join a vestige company. Here, by increasing your team, you can also increase your earnings manifold. You are also given a bonus based on the processing of your downline. And you get points from the bonus, on the basis of which you will get new new levels.
The vestige company offers 9 types of income as per its plan.

  1. Retail Profit: – 10-20%
  2. Performance Bonus: – 5-11%
  3. Bronze director only: – 4%
  4. Business Creating Bonus (Silver and silver above): – 14%
  5. Leadership Bonus: – 16%
  6. Travel Fund (Up to 5 levels only): 5%
  7. Car Fund (Max 80K): – 5%
  8. House Fund (max: 1 lakh): – 3%
  9. Elite Club Bonus (max: 20 lakh): – 2%

Modicare business plan

This company is also growing very fast. And it makes new products for everyday. Therefore, you will not be able to get any kind of trouble in selling goods. You will have increased scope to work.
There is one wrong point of this company – in this company you will have to do every month. Otherwise your account may be closed.
From here, you can earn 8 types.

  1. Saving on consumption (20%)
  2. Retail Profit (20%)
  3. Accumulative performance bonus (7% – 22%)
  4. Director bonus (14%)
  5. Leadership bonus (15%)
  6. Outbound travel fund (3%)
  7. Dream vehicle (5%)
  8. Dream home fund (3%)
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Last Word: (Modicare vs vestige in 2021)
I hope that this article (Modicare vs vestige in 2021) must have been very beneficial for you. Stay tuned with us for complete network information. A review of all network marketing companies in India will be presented on our website.
Thank you for reading the article.