Why beginners (peoples) fail in network marketing?

Why beginners (peoples) fail in network marketing?

Most 5 reason – Why beginners (peoples) fail in network marketing?‘ This is the main title of today’s article. I mean to say that network marketing business is not easy. However, it is not difficult either. Everyone has different paths to succeed. But it is very important to have a right start.

In this business too, you have to start right. If you are new to network marketing. And your question is, how do I start network marketing? So for this also I have written a detailed article. You can read it.

How can a beginner do network marketing?

Friends, there is a truth of network marketing that only 10% of people are successful in this business. And 90% of the people fail. There are many reasons for this. There are two main reasons. First, being afraid to work hard and Second, to become positive.

I have 3 years of network marketing experience. And on the same basis, there are two main reasons why most people are not able to do this business. However, apart from this, there are many reasons which follow.

Why beginners (peoples) fail in network marketing?

It is easy to start any business. But it requires a lot of hard work to make that business successful.

Why beginners (peoples) fail in network marketing?
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Most 5 reasons

Why beginners (peoples) fail in network marketing?

1. Weak Leader

To succeed in network marketing, you have to be a good leader. This is very important. And a good leader always gives full support to his team. If you make a small team, then you have to build a strong relationship with your team.

You have to invite them directly for all the meetings and seminars. You have to keep equality between you and your team. Also, you should not think that you are a boss. Because your success depends on your team.

Note: You should never start a debate with your team. Maybe that person is wrong. But you must find a positive way. And you should always try to make a team.

If you are the leader of a team then you need to work continuously. Because your team works only on the basis of your way of working. So you have to work hard.

Identification of the leader:

  • Give value and teach people through content.
  • Model after what other leaders in the same industry as you.
  • Read daily and develop yourself.
  • Host something live every week.
  • Post results and testimonials about what you’ve done.
  • Be confident in yourself.

2. Weak synergy in the team

This is very important. There is an old saying that more utensils always sound and this is true. That means the team’s coordination deteriorates.

It is very difficult to control any team, and it is also a challenge. If you become a good leader then you will become 100% successful. A good leader recognizes that he always enhances the strength of his team. And you have to do the same.

3. Defeat with negative questions

Network Marketing Business has thousands of negative questions. Which puts pressure on you to leave this business. But 10% or 5% of people find answers to these negative questions. And we try our best to make ourselves positive.

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Apart from this, your family also prevents you from doing this business. Because they think that maybe you will leave this work in the middle. And this will also have a bad effect on your studies. But you will have the confidence of your family.

Success is not found in the early times of any business. And if a business gives benefits in the initial time, then that way is wrong. So you have to change your thinking.

Note: I know that this business has 100% success. And on the basis of this business, you can make your life good. Therefore, you do not have to leave this business under any circumstances. In 3 to 6 years you can become a successful person 100%. Because this is the real experience of my life.

4. be afraid before do work

This is the biggest reason for network marketing failure. Because all people think very well-to-do something good. But they are not able to do it realistically. They start thinking negative things before starting the work.

Due to this negative thinking, most people give up.

Note: I was also new to Network Marketing Business at some point. My leaders used to guide me. And used to think about meeting people. But as soon as there was time to work, I was afraid before doing that work.

Because I used to think about the future before doing the work. And thousands of negative things started coming in my mind that he would not hold a meeting with me. Or what will he ask me? He can refuse me. Or will not even listen to my plan. Etc.

After that I talked to my leader. So he told that what you thought was wrong. Because I think he would say yes. And I used to have meetings because of my leader. And I always used to get the opposite situation.

So before you do any work, do not think negatively about it at all. And try to think positive.

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5. on not listening to the leader

In early times we also have a leader. But many times we get angry with our leader. And likes to work separately. But she is our biggest forgetfulness. Because our leader has experience.

You should try to build a good relationship with your leader. And one should try to learn more and more.


To become a big man, you must have big dreams. And also the spirit to fulfill them.

Last word:

You may fail in this business due to the above reasons. All these points have also come before us. And all these points are written based on my and my team’s experience. We have committed these mistakes, so we hope that you will not run these mistakes at all.

If you want to succeed in this business, then do not commit any of the above points. And try our best to be a good leader.

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